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Resolutions of the Special Zonal Meet of ACLA at Sibsagar Girls’ College

 Assam College Librarians Association
 Special Zonal Meet
Sibsagar Girls’ College
Date: 17/12/2016, Time: 11.45 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.

A Special Zonal Meet consisting of 5 Districts of Upper Assam (i.e. Sibsagar, Jorhat, Golaghat, Dibrugarh and Tinsukia) was convened on 17/12/2016 at Sibsagar Girls College, Sibsagar in presence of Sri Srimanta Madhab Bora, Working President; Dr. Prasanta Kr Deka, Gen. Secretary; Dr. Dhrubajit Das, Vice President; Dr. Bibhuti Choudhury, Asst. Gen. Secretary; Mr. Sadananda Nath, Asst. Gen. Secretary, Dr. Jnyandeep Saikia, Organising Secretary & Dr. Gajendra B Dev Choudhury, Treasurer of ACLA.

The Meeting was presided over by Sri Srimanta Madhab Bora, Working President and Coordinated by Dr Jnyandeep Saikia, Organising Secretary of ACLA. Almost 35 College Librarians were present in the meeting and discussed different issues in detail and following resolutions/ decisions were taken unanimously for further improvement of the professionalism and also decided to forward the resolutions/ decisions to the Central Committee for consideration and acceptance.

Resolution 1
A discussion on UGC 7th Pay Commission for revision of pay scales of college librarians was held in the meeting and resolved that the G.S to take initiative in this regard so that parity in pay scale with that of teachers can be obtained. It is to be mentioned that the General Secretary has already submitted a memorandum to the UGC 7th Pay Review Committee and AIFUCTO requesting for abolishing disparity in pay scales, MRP, Superannuation etc. of the college librarians with that of teachers.

Resolution 2
The meeting resolved that the SLET should be imposed for Library and Information Science subject so that more professionals become qualified for college librarians job and only skilled professionals can be recruited through high competition.  The General Secretary is requested to take necessary steps in this regard.

Resolution 3
It is resolved to organise the ACLA biennial conference with a day long programme by abolishing the system of conducting Seminar during the conference so that the ACLA members can devote more time to discuss all the pros and cons they are facing and can have their solutions in the conference.

Resolution 4
It is resolved to form District Unit of ACLA in each District by selecting a College Librarian who will act as Coordinator of that District and also will perform at least few programmes including celebration of Librarians’ Day, etc. It is to be mentioned that inclusion of new members and collection of annual membership fee will be done by the Coordinator and will deposit it to the Central committee with a report of payment and programmes observed.

Resolution 5
It is resolved to increase Annual Membership Fee from Rs.300/- to Rs.1000/- by following the structure mentioned bellow:
80% ----- ACLA Central Committee  
20% ----- ACLA District Committee/ Zone

General Secretary is requested to take necessary steps in this regard.

Resolution 6
It is resolved that the vacant post of College Librarian should be filled up at the earliest and General Secretary is requested to take the matter seriously and if necessary the DHE and Honourable Education Minister, Assam may be approached for its early execution.

1. All the College Librarians are requested to take membership of ACLA for strengthening the Association.
2. Upcoming District Coordinators and Existing Zonal Coordinators are requested to take necessary steps for collecting membership fee etc.
3. Report of Biennial Conference/ other decisions should be distributed among the members via electronic/ print media for proper communication.
4. Increase membership fee from Rs.300.00 to Rs.1000.00 per annum. 
5. Academic activity should be there in the conference but discussion among members should get priority with sufficient time.
6. General Secretary is requested to take initiative for Academic Status of College Librarian’s along with membership of G B.
7.  If necessary Gen. Secretary is requested to discuss the matter relating to 7th Pay commission with ACTA Office bearers.
8. The working experience of college librarians should be reckoned as administrative experiences in the criteria for selection of college principals of Assam in the same way the college teachers, registrar etc. eligibility is counted for the post.
9. Information literacy and Management of Resources should be incorporated in the course curriculum syllabus of the university.
10.  Education should be knowledge oriented where Library must be given proper weightage.
11.  Dept. of Library and Information Sc under GU, DU, AU & IGNOU should take initiative for MPhil, PhD, NET, SLET and the matter should be taken care of by ACLA.
12.  A person having BCA/ MCA qualification should be appointed to look after the Digital Library section.
13.  Qualification of proposed Assistant Librarian/ Library Assistant should be MLISc/ BLISc.
14.  Librarians Biography “Life of Librarians’” specially for college librarians should be published; & Zonal coordinators should be given responsibility to collect data for the same. General Secretary is requested to take initiative in the matter.
15.  ACLA should take initiative to design Diploma Course in LIS which should be started in every college in Assam and University may be approached to cooperate in this regard
16.  Executive Committee Meeting of ACLA should be organised in different colleges of Assam in near future.
17.  Library Budget should be implemented.
18.  Library Trainee (Professional) should be appointed for different Academic/ professional activities in all the College Libraries of Assam for one year.
19.  Library Standardisation Plan should be initiated by ACLA.
20.  Specific responsibility should be assigned to Vice Presidents and Asst. General Secretaries of ACLA.
21.  Facilitate the New College Librarians and recent PhD holders in the conference.

The meeting was ended with a fruitful speech by the President of the meeting and vote of thanks offered by Mr. Abhijit Borpujari, Librarian of Sibsagar Girls’ College. We also offer thanks to Mr. Abhijit Borpujari for organising the meet for professional upliftment.

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