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Resolutions Adopted at the 13th Biennial Conference held at Nowgong College, Nagaon

Assam College Librarians’ Association

Resolutions adopted at the 13th Biennial Conference held at Nowgong College, Nagaon (March 17-19, 2013)

Resolution 1
In order to make the college library a real place for intellectual activities and to do its best in the case of academic responsibilities, the various issues pertaining to college libraries be taken up for their implementation in various academic and administrative forums of the college including in GB Meetings so that the library is able to play a vital role in teaching and learning process of the college. The college librarians are to be entrusted fully in successfully performing their professional responsibilities.

Resolution 2
The meeting resolves to urge upon the authorities to extend all facilities extended to the faculties to the college librarians also including granting of different leave facilities for attending programmes for their academic development and for career advancement scheme.

Resolution 3
College librarian has the responsibility for managing the college library enabling them for extending services properly and sufficiently. The college Governing Body is the responsible body in developing respective colleges both academically and administratively. The meeting reiterates to place its long standing demand for giving membership in GB to the College Librarian of the particular college.

Resolution 4
It is worth mentioning that UGC has recognized college librarians at per college teachers in its pay structure, qualification, promotion under CAS and other related areas. Unfortunately, in Assam, in case of implementation of the different Govt. orders, the librarians are always found to be excluded for which they are facing complicated situation in getting their benefits such as implementation of revised Pay, senior, selection and associate Grade pay, PhD incremental benefits and such other issues; including selection of Principal. The meeting resolved to request concerned bodies for inclusion of college librarians in various Govt. orders issued time to time whenever a scheme is circulated or other benefits are extended for the college teachers

Resolution 5
At present in most colleges of Assam; only the librarian and a library bearer are manning the college libraries; though few colleges are having Library Assistant and also Assistant Librarians. It is very important to have a specific staff pattern in each college with a minimum of 4 (four) library staff excluding the Librarian; the Asst. Librarian should be professionally qualified and be placed in state’s specific pay structure.

Resolution 6
The meeting expresses its satisfaction for realising the importance of digitization and digital library for the colleges of Assam by the Govt of Assam as the Govt has declared for establishing a digital library in each college library. It is urged upon the Govt to speed up the implementation of the proposal so that each college library gets a digital library at the earliest. An Expert Committee with LIS and IT professionals be constituted to develop the plan and guide the concerned areas in this endeavour.
Resolution 7
The Director of Higher Education, Assam has suggested for constitution of Library Committee of each college with Principal and Librarian as the Chairman and Member Secretary respectively; without mentioning any guidelines on the responsibilities of the committee. The meeting resolved to request the concerned authorities for constituting the Library Committee by each college a mandatory mentioning the powers and functions of the committee.

Resolution 8
It is a matter of great satisfaction that the Govt. of Assam has extended financial grants of Rs.5 Lacs (during 2008-09) to each college of Assam specifically for the development of college libraries. The meeting demand for the continuance of such grants every year and also ensure that the amount of the grants is utilized for the purpose it is made.

Resolution 9
In service training be imparted to all the college librarians at a regular basis enabling them to update their professional skills. The Academic Staff College is requested to conduct such training programmes for Librarians (Section Grade) with short duration. Besides, non professionals college library staff training programme be imparted regularly for their professionals development.

Resolution 10
The meeting proposed to have its permanent office at Guwahati by purchasing a flat for housing its office. It is resolved to entrust to the next executive committee, ACLA for evaluating the scope and to go ahead of the proposal.

Resolution 11
It is resolved to train the library staff of the colleges to make them able to work in an automated environment. The INFLIBNET Center be urged upon to extend financial support to the ACLA so that the ACLA can organize for imparting such training programme in a regular basis at different locations of the state to be trained.

Resolution 12
An effective plan to be worked out to cover all librarians qualified with latest UGC norms working in the colleges of Assam under provincialized scheme become the members of the ACLA.

Resolution 13
It is resolved to elect/ select one member of ACLA of the area to act as Zonal Coordinator representing one district or more as per convenience for better coordination of the Association. He/ She will be the permanent invitee of the Executive Committee of ACLA.

Resolution 14
For better coordination and facilitating extension of better college library services, the meeting is of the opinion that some kinds of joint workshops of the college principals and college librarians will serve the purpose.  The UGC Academic Staff College is urged upon for holding such workshop at certain interval.

Resolution 15
It is resolved to develop a database of college libraries of Assam with the scope of updating regularly.

Resolution 16
Presently all the universities of the state are in a process of restructuring the course curricula of degree level. The meeting resolved to request the university authorities to give proper weightage to the library oriented teaching and learning process in the collegiate education. Some elements of LIS education may be incorporated in the courses to be taught by the respective college librarians.

(NB: for editing/ inclusion/ exclusion: Mr. Utpal Sarma, General Secretary, ACLA)

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